Researchers Want To Pay You $3,000 A Week To Smoke Weed, And Here Is The Catch

How You Can Get Paid $3,000+ A Week To Smoke Weed

Researchers are looking for a few willing participants to sit around and smoke weed. The compensation? $3,000 a week. You read that right—someone wants to pay you a lot of money to smoke a lot of weed. Sounds like a dream job, but there’s a catch.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse is conducting a study on the effects of marijuana on the body.

According to the rules of the study, participants will live at one of six facilities around the U.S. where they will be studied to see if marijuana relieves stress while allowing the smoker to function in a normal life.

“This is one of the first studies that will finally reveal the answer of the age old acquisition that stoners are ‘Just Lazy’,” said lead researcher Michael Gregory. “It’s an exciting new study that may push the legality of marijuana to all 50 states.”

Here’s where the other shoe drops. The study is ultimately going to evaluate a medication meant to curb marijuana “addiction”. Stoners will be put under the microscope to see if N-acetylcysteine, an over the counter supplement that was once used to treat schizophrenia and gambling addiction can end a smoker’s addiction to weed.

Lead researcher, Kevin Gray indicated, “This is one of the first promising medications for marijuana dependency”.

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