Miami Rapper Stitches Killed In Shooting Near Miami Gentlemen’s Club

Miami Rapper Stitches Killed In Shooting Near Miami Gentlemen's Club

Miami – An up-and-coming Miami rapper was killed Monday morning in a shooting at a gas station near the King Of Diamonds gentlemen’s club in Miami.

The club’s owner told Local 4 the shooter was waiting outside for the victim.

Police say Phillip Katsabanis A.K.A Stitches  ran to a gas station for help after being shot once in the chest and once in the stomach.

“So I’m sitting there applying pressure…and he’s talking to me,” said Jay Sareini, who tried to save the victim. “He’s alive, he’s talking to me. ‘Please don’t let me die, please don’t let me,’ grabbing on to me.”

Katsabanis died shortly afterward.

The owner of the club originally thought the fight started inside, but the shooter was actually waiting outside the club.

“The camera showed Katsabanis actually being shot down the street and running to the gas station ,” said Freddy Abdullah, from KOD.

Witnesses reported hearing at least seven gun shots, but there were many more evidence markers set up by police.

Katsabanis died quickly, telling those around him he was cold, according to Sareini.

“‘I’m cold, I’m cold, don’t let me die,'” Sareini said. “‘Lift me up, I can’t breath,’ cause he’s a big boy. He was on his back.”

Katsabanis was an up-and-coming rapper with a huge following, especially on social media. Those in the industry say he had potential and signed with a big producer. Katsabanis had just signed a deal to work with rapper Meek Mill.


Police have not yet released a description of the gunman.

Stay tuned for more details.