Tom Brady suffers fractures in back during car crash

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a two-car accident Friday night in Boston, Massachusetts.

The team later announced that Brady suffered two transverse process fractures in his lower back and no further internal injuries. The team announced early Saturday morning that Brady was in fair condition and undergoing tests at Boston Medical Center.

According to Boston Police Department spokesperson William B. Evans, the accident occurred on Lansdowne St. at 2:30 p.m.

“Both Brady, who was the driver of the car, and the driver of the sedan were taken to (a) hospital with non-life threatening injuries,” Evans said.

One eyewitness saw Brady’s vehicle flip “two or three times,” Jonathan Jones of The Boston Observer told NFL Network.

According to a Wednesday police report, no one was cited in the incident and it appeared to be a routine accident.

Rescuers arrived on the scene and loaded Brady onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. Police told The Observer that Brady was able to communicate, while Evans was told that the quarterback didn’t even want to go to the hospital but was taken away as a precaution.